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Coaches/Scheme or lack of talent?


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So it's looking like 6-10 might be a reach for this team.


So simple question going into the mid week of the season, whats the biggest issue?


Coaching is obviously to blame, the offence is anemic (3rd and long draw to go for it on the fourth?) and the defence is undisciplined and is on pace to be bottom 30 of the NFL again.


However looking at the roster who has stepped up in the slightest?


Where if the pass rusher making the opposing QB fear to drop back?


Where is the LB who can reliably punish the other teams RB? Leading this defence on and off the field?


Where's the WR who can beat the coverage 1 on 1 on the big plays when it matters most?


Who's the Olineman paving the way for Barkley? Or not letting Jones get fucking smashed into the ground?


Where's the secondary?


We might be headed for another coaching or roster turnover sooner rather than later if this is becoming the norm for the Giants, but what do you keep?


Does a new HC/Coordinator mesh with the current roster? Does a new set of guys on the Oline/Dline let Shurmur/Bettcher show what they can do?

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Honestly, the problems aren't much different than last year.


Bad O-line, bad QB play, no push in the run game.


Defense looked bad too but if "Danny Dimes" keeps turning the ball over three times per game we're going to finish 2-14. You just can't do that. He's not going through his reads quickly enough and he's staring down receivers too often in addition to the turnovers.


I'm more optimistic about the team moving forward... I do think we have some good young pieces on both sides of the ball... but being minus 3 in turnovers every week will see you lose every week.

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I think its a lot of youth on the defense and a lot of age on the offensive line. And having a bunch of possession guys playing wide receiver allows teams to press them which leads to no separation.

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Nobody has Pro Bowl talent across the board so lets stop blaming talent for the problems we're seeing on the field.


I don't blame the play calling because the execution is terrible. Now they do make some bad play calls just like everyone else in the NFL, but there are just so many breakdowns in execution from everyone. You are not facing a 3rd and 18 because of the first two calls were terrible...


Daniel Jones is playing like the rookie he is. Every team in the NFL knows they have to stop Barkley. As to why the Giants can't get the ball to Engram or Slayton more than 3 times per game each is a question that needs answering.on offense. I looked over it again, Engram went 1 for 6.


As for the defense, opponents need 12 yards for the first, coverage lines up 7 yards away then backs up 8 more and give up 13 on the play. Our linebackers just get sucked into the wash and behind the play when it matters.

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Great coaching produces Great Players. Just look at the Patriots. None of the players who leave the Pats go on to have great careers. Even assistant coaches for that matter




Very hard to go from the Patriots to bigger and better things.


Bill Belichick does an amazing job of bringing out the best in his staff and players.

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