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The little-known tie that binds Giants' Ben McAdoo, Browns' Hue Jackson

Mr. P

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Haters! Lol


I got to see a lot of him, damn good coach.


Head coach, we'll see, but I hope he gets a fair chance.


Although, were the Giants to deliver such a beat down that it gets the Browns staff fired, I wouldn't be disappointed.


I'm not saying Jackson isnt a good coach I just dont understand the love the media gives him, like he's a proven commodity.


I really hope Haslem? Whatever the owners name there is, I hope he doesnt fire Jackson and CO.


You gotta give your coach/GM a chance to implement their plan, it might not work out like Kelly with the Egils or it might bring you to the big game like Coughlin.


It still puzzles me though teams like the Browns/Lions/Vikings just can never seem to get their shit together. Houston and the Jags are still suffering from "new franchise" blues but they are getting to the point where all you can expect from them is bottom of the league franchise.

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