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When JR shelled out big $$$ for this guy I was worried, everything I read/seen/heard about him was that he could be a top 10 corner in the NFL one play, and then give up the next. Rams were happy to be rid of the guy after he was beaten like a drum multiple times leading to last minute game changing score, some Rams forum had stats showing he was the most burnt corner leading to game winning score the past couple of years, but maybe they were still pissy about having their team move. I didn't think he would be starting and that Apple would surpass him, and it would just be another FA blunder by the Gints, glad I aint no GM.


This guy has really turned it around and plays hard every single play, shutting down some big time WRs, and we have the best combo in the NFL for doing so in DRC/JJ


Glad the pieces are coming together for JR, hopefully he keeps getting these guys in FA, and glad the Jackrabbit has proven to be worth every penny.


Might be a new jersey hanging in my closet soon.

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I was glad we signed him but thought Sean smith at half the price would've been better. Glad I was wrong about that one. Dude got lit up for an 80 yard td week 1 and has been hurt all year


Yeah just goes to show we can all be armchair GMs who scream and moan when JR does/doesnt do something, when it's like what do we really know.

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Yeah, the FA signings between OV and JJ have worked out very well and both have been instrumental in our success so far this season. That said, JR's seat is just as warm as ever in my book. To me, this earned him another year. If he pulls in talent this next offseason like he did last, then I'm on the 'he turned it around and is worth a multi-year GM contract" bus.

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