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What I'd like to see going forward


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Gints are in a funk, no doubt about it. The team comes out flat and dead almost every game and doesnt seem to "turn it on" till late in the fourth quarter. Penalties rain from the sky, and are on pace to set a franchise record number of them, players look lost and confused on some plays, and simply put everyone from the HC to the backups arent doing enough to win games.


So as the Giants sit looking up at the rest of the division at 2-3, I think they walk into a very winnable game in Baltimore, a team who is almost echoing the same situation as the Giants, talented roster that is under performing at all accounts.


Here are some things I would like to see happen during the season if the Giants lose this upcoming matchup against the Ravens.


1) Take the playcalling duties away from MacAttack.


I know he was kept to keep the same system that has finished top 10 the previous years and seen a resurgence out of Eli, but maybe the duties of being a HC/OC are to much for him.


He looks lost on the sidelines during the game, with a blank expression and zero emotion exhibited from him. Maybe he gets lost when the team is behind but for a rookie HC with his team on the brink of falling even deeper into the bottom of the division, maybe a change is needed to help him manage and motivate the team, coach, and discipline players without having to worry about keeping to the scheme and calling plays.


Eli and Sullivan are apparently butt buddies and during his time in Tampa, Sullivan was able to post an average offence with 1/4 of the talent the Giants have.


I'd like to see what Sullivan can do calling the plays, and give McAdoo a chance to not have to worry and simply be a HC coach for a week.


2) Bring someone in to get into the head of Flowers


It's week six, there isnt much left on the LT free agency board but the Giants need to fire this kid up somehow. He was drafted with the prospect of being "A large strong kid with a nasty streak, who doesnt know a thing about playing tackle in the NFL" well unfortunately when you can't rely on being strong and need to call on technique your positives are suddenly outweighed by the negative.


Flower has looked like he's regressed even further than his rookie year, and from what reports and commentators have said gotten one of the best Oline coaches in the history of the NFL fired from the team because he didnt respond well to his coaching. San Fran now has a top 10 ranked rushing attack in the NFL, the Giants are sitting outside the top 20.


Flowers needs to get his game together because he's being outplayed by every other lineman on the field with him, and so far the only person he has shown he can push around is a locker room reporter. Unless the Giants are willing to go out and spend big money on someone to come in and start, or invest another high draft pick, the LT position is currently another worry on the roster. If Flowers can make a step forward, it would greatly help with my next point.


3) Don't bench Eli


Some are already calling for his head, what else is new, the Gints are losing.


Eli is playing as bad as a majority of this team but he's also been the only reason for optimism the last few years. He's a franchise QB who is having a down year, like the rest of the team, and needs to show if he has more gas left in the tank.


Benching Eli will do nothing, IMO, and his problems along with the offense, are more of fault of the whole group instead of an individual player.


Everyone needs to play better and Eli is no different, maybe he's shook, maybe he has no faith in the playcalling, maybe he no longer trusts the WRs since he only throws to RBs now, however maybe with a change in OC playcalling will bring Eli back to the QB he was the last couple of years. Something has changed this year with Eli and who knows what it is, but if he keeps playing the way he has there is no reason not to invest in a high end QB this coming draft and plan to let Eli walk when his contract is up.


4) Rotate the Dline, and what the fuck happened to the Nascar package?


So the Giants brought back the great Spagnolioliolioh, which I know I hated the idea of, in hopes he can finally return he defense to the QB hungry attacking defense it once was. After spending the most money I've ever seen JR throw out willynilly he now has the best "bend and break" defense in the NFL, never being able to stop a team on 3rd down when it's needed the most or put any pressure on the QB.


I don't know why Spags refuses to but the Dline isnt getting the pressure it was in the offseason and he still wont change a thing about it.


During the 2007 year Spags flipped flopped players along the Dline like it was going out of style trying to create mismatches, the only player remaining in the same spot being the great #92. Why has he suddenly decided to not do this anymore?


The defense needs to bring the heat, even if that means bringing 5/6 people on every play.


I mean this defense has already shown that third down is not it's specialty, why bother playing safe? Bring the pressure, try to make a play. Sure you'll give up big plays but their defense already gives up big plays and first downs by rushing only four, send more men, see if you can make something happen instead of playing a vanilla defense.




TLDR; A Canadian full of left over turkey sits down and rambles about stuff the Giants can do to change things up.

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1) Agree 100%. McAdon't is no playcaller.


2) Flowers had one shitty game, I'm not that worried


3) Eli has had 5 shitty games, I am worried.


4) The Nascar is there on 3rd downs (they bring in OO and Wynn). JPP and Vernon are playing 90% of snaps though (71 & 72 of 80, respectively), which is worrying.

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I agree with pretty much all of what BiC wrote.


In regards to Flowers though, I posit something equally crazy. Flowers looks to be a better RT than LT. Beatty is a better LT than RT.


Maybe have them flip-flop positions when Beatty is ready to play? Is playing to their strengths too crazy of an idea? I know the plan is "the #9 pick is supposed to be a LT" but the plan also shouldn't be to spook your QB so much that he's playing like a rookie.


Flowers gets some confidence back and doesn't have to be perfect in his technique at RT, Eli has a trusted guy on his blind side, everyone wins.

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Eli's had two and a half shitty games. He was money in weeks 1 and 2. At some point in the Redskins game his play seemed to turn.


I'll give you that; Eli was 32/41 for 368 yards 0 INTs vs the Saints. ZERO OFFENSIVE TDs is on McAdoo.

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Firstly ....i'd like to see us beat both Baltimore and LA ( and we bloody well should do ! )


Then ....rest up a bit , get more healthy during the bye and come back fighting in Nov,


I'm not really worried about Eli because he has been patchy and streaky throughout his entire career.


I'm worried about McAdoodle because he seems to be a goofy buffoon who isn't really HC material in the NFL ( especially not in NY )


I'm worried about our O line ( for obvious reasons of depth ) ....but Flowers has had 3 decent games (and 2 bad ones against good Defenses) so he is not a total lost cause just yet.


Keep the faith ! ( this team has some weapons and might still make a run in the NFC East if we get healthy )

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Eli's had two and a half shitty games. He was money in weeks 1 and 2. At some point in the Redskins game his play seemed to turn.


The whole team did but I believe everyone is busy focusing on ways turn this team into the Cleveland Browns.

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