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Which NFL teams


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I would imagine some Bills fans have some hatred for the Giants, heck all of the NFC East actually.


It was the only SB that the Bills were actually close to winning when Mr.Norwood walked onto the field, they got stomped by the 'Skins and the Cowboys, but the Giants game they actually had a chance to win it.


I know some Jags fans who are still pissed off that they let Coughlin go and the Gints got his best years, at the same time that's more of a hatred of that FO instead of the Giants.


I've always hated the Giant's losing to the 49ers because of one famous playoff game in 2002.

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You mean how he went to the Vikings and was a traitor for a couple years.


Ending his career prematurely.


I'm 100% convinced Lord Brett makes the SB that year, win or lose, he comes back in the Green and Yellow the next season.


Instead he throws the game losing INT, and has a retirement press conference where it's painfully obvious he doesnt want to leave the game but felt like he had too.

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Why would we hate you guys? You haven't been in the playoffs in 4 years lol.

GBfan12's PhotoGBfan12

16 Dec 2015

I am scared that we will have to face you guys in the playoffs. I hope we don't. I see you guys as a dangerous team if you get in. You have the horses to beat anyone if you get in. You cant count out Eli in the playoffs. I know you guys will beat us again if you get in. I hope we get Minnesota but we have yet to get in too. Merry Christmas to you Giant fans!

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