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To Wear, or Not to Wear....


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95 degrees here. Got some time before I don a hoodie. I've got a Manning T that looks like a jersey. Guess I'll bust that out.

It's been in the 90's for over a week...then today it dropped to the 50's and with the wind, it's fucking cold. Can't believe how quickly it changed. Supposed to be in the 80's in a couple days. We'll see.


I'm wearing a blue and white sweatshirt and my Giants' hat. I am not superstitious. I used to be. I thought that when I watched the Yankees they lose, and when I walk away and don't watch, they come back. Once I learned to control my emotions and not get all out of sorts when they lose or strike out with the bases loaded, life was a lot easier. I've never been superstitious about the Giants. They either have a good game or they don't. So much parity in the NFL that's it's no longer believable that a team can stay dominant. It's really nice that I've witnessed 4 superbowl wins with my team. That's a hell of a lot better than my Eagle friends and my Jets and Bills friends have to reminisce about.

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.....Giants gear for the game. Seems like whenever I wear Giants gear on gameday, they lose. Or, if I don't wear gear, they look like crap and at halftime I put gear on and they win.



What are you guys donning today?

WHY did you have to put on your Giant's thong at the goal line?

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