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Eli Manning And Wife Abby Expecting First Child


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Giants quarterback Eli Manning is to become a dad, Page Six has learned.


His wife, Abby, is expecting their first child, and sources say they are "so happy and excited." Eli, 29, and Abby, 26, who have been married for 2½ years and live in Hoboken, are now preparing for the spring birth.


A source told us, "They are both so happy and excited. Eli is being very protective of Abby, as it is still early days. Very few people know because Abby is only a few months along and isn't really showing yet."


College sweethearts Eli and Abby, who met in the spring of his junior year at Ole Miss, married on the beach at the One&Only Palmilla in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in April 2008.


In May of last year, Eli and Abby announced they would bankroll a new birthing center for natural childbirth and holistic care at now-closed St. Vincent's Hospital.


Manning said at the time, "We wanted to make it a special place to bring new life into the world." He added, "We're enjoying being married right now. There's no exact plan, but we do plan on starting a family in the future."


This past August, he told The Post of his relationship with Abby: "I think a marriage, if you get the right one, it definitely works well, 'cause you can stay focused on your job . . . She's there to support me, and just try to lift the spirits."


He said Abby is close to his family, particularly his mother, Olivia. "My mom and her are great friends, and they talk through the week and they hang out," he said.


"In some ways, we have similar personalities, where she is laid-back . . . but she kinda knows when to get serious and when to be hard on me or keeps me in a straight line, which I like," Manning said.


A spokesman for IMG, which represents Manning, declined to comment.










"Bet the first time the baby throws a pacifier it'll be on target, but high, tipped by Abby and picked off by the Nanny."



also the child's first word will be "omaha"

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Would make good bedtime stories.

"...but the big, bad Linebacker tried to jump the route! But Prince Quarterback knew for his hours and hours of film study that he had a tendency to cheat on the coverage and hit his Tight End on a cross over the middle!

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