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Barden has stress fracture in back.


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Giants WR Ramses Barden has been diagnosed with a stress fracture of the transverse process in his lower back.


The Giants are considering his status as "week to week." Linebacker Jonathan Goff had a similar injury back in 2008 and missed a month. It's better to have the injury in the lower back, but it's still a major setback for Barden. Victor Cruz has an even better chance to open the season as the No. 4 receiver.

Source: Ralph Vacchiano on Twitter


Just another chance for Cruz to make the team.


Also what the fuck is with our WRs and injuries?

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I don't think Beckum or Barden would have been big contributors this season anyway but the injury to Ross has me scared.



Me too Tree. I think the biggest potential problem on this team is the lack of depth at cornerback. I believe there is a big drop off in talent after the top 3 CB's... I do not have a ton of confidence in Bruce Johnson or any of the other corners not named Thomas, Webster, or Ross. An injury to any of those guys could potentially hurt badly when we have to play a nickel defense, which is a good amount of the time. It is curious that Reese has not addressed the depth at this position better when in the past we have had much better quality backups in guys like Dockery, McQuarters, and Sam Madison, even though the latter was near the end of his playing days. Plantar fasciitis is not necessarily an injury that will just go away and not come back. Here's hoping that Ross has a very mild case and regular rest is all he needs. I doubt he practices much all season... they might have to treat him like they did Ahmad Bradshaw last year with respect to practicing.

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