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State of the team..


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Since we gotta few days to kill before the draft, I figured we could talk about certain positions that are not topics of debate.. and debate them... like the Tight End position... Could we do better?

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i like boss as the starter, i think beckum could end up making an impact(not sure how much) but after that we had bear pascoe who has a sweet name and is supposed to be a good blocker. im fine with our tight ends but with beckum being nothing more than potential at this point i think we could do better but i dont expect us to draft a tight end anywhere above round 5 if we do at all.

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2009 Draft:


Round 1, Pick 29 (29) Hakeem Nicks WR 6'1" 212 North Carolina

Pick Analysis:The former Tar Heel is an outstanding receiver with all of the tools to be a No. 1 receiver as a pro. As a big, strong playmaker with outstanding hands, Nicks should fill in nicely for the departed Plaxico Burress in the Giants' receiving corps.


Round 2, Pick 13 (45) (From Saints) Clint Sintim OLB 6'3" 256 Virginia

Pick Analysis:The Giants continue to pick up quality football players regardless of position. Though Sintim was used as a 3-4 outside linebacker, the Giants' scheme flexibility will allow the former Cavalier to play to his strengths as an NFL player.


Round 2, Pick 28 (60) William Beatty OT 6'6" 307 Connecticut

Pick Analysis:The former Husky surprisingly falls to the Giants in the second round. Though the team doesn't have an immediate need at the position, Beatty gives the Giants a young, athletic offensive tackle prospect to develop for the future.


Round 3, Pick 21 (85) (From Eagles) Ramses Barden WR 6'6" 229 Cal Poly

Pick Analysis:The Giants pick up a big, physical receiver with outstanding talent and potential. Barden gives the team another tall receiver to potentially replace Plaxico Burress' production in the passing game.


Round 3, Pick 36 (100) (Compensatory selection) Travis Beckum TE 6'3" 243 Wisconsin

Pick Analysis:Beckum is strong and he was very productive in college. He should be able to fit in on special teams nicely. He has some experience playing linebacker and is a decent athlete. The Giants will have to find a role for him.


Round 4, Pick 29 (129) Andre Brown RB 6'0" 224 North Carolina State

Pick Analysis:Brown is a steal at this point in the draft. The Giants do a good job with picking their players. He really made a name for himself at the Senior Bowl and flashed outstanding skills. He's got receiving talent and gives the Giants a great replacement for Derrick Ward.


Round 5, Pick 15 (151) (From Saints) Rhett Bomar QB 6'2" 225 Sam Houston State

Pick Analysis:The Giants take a chance on Bomar in the fifth round. The Sam Houston State product has all of the tools to develop into a solid pro quarterback and could be a promising developmental prospect and a decent backup for Eli Manning.


Round 6, Pick 27 (200) DeAndre Wright DB 5'11" 198 New Mexico

Pick Analysis:Giants scout Steve Malin really liked Wright, and Malin holds some weight in New York's war room. Coming out of New Mexico, Wright has decent size and he'll come in and compete to be a backup for the Giants.


Round 7, Pick 29 (238) Stoney Woodson DB 5'11" 197 South Carolina

Pick Analysis:Woodson is a fast corner who the Giants may be looking to for depth purposes after Kevin Dockery departed in the offseason. He turned in times of 4.53 and 4.57 in the 40-yard dash at his pro day.




We spent a 3rd on Beckum and I don't expect him to go anywhere. I hope he develops into a pass-catching threat because Boss takes some of the biggest hits I've ever seen. It's only a matter of time before he's needed.

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Barring a Boss injury I am not sure how much we will see of Beckum. He is not a great blocker and did not x-cell in the h-back role.


Pascoe Probably projects as a better blocker ( and he is an accomplished Team Roper )


Not that Beckum is bad or without upside but who comes off the field to give him a spot?

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I'd give Boss a B- grade, even though that's probably not fair, as Eli has never really looked to his TEs much.


Beckum I'd give a D- to.


Bear Pascoe gets an incomplete.


We have to upgrade this spot, but I'd say that priority falls behind LB, OL, and possibly DB.

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Nah man I would have to give Boss a B or B+ as Tree puts forth ...just about every other catch he makes...he gets a kill shot from the defense usually out there illegally head hunting. I fear he will become the poster child for post-concussion syndrome as he has taken some frightening hits to the helmet and has had some potentially life altering double taps where the defender goes helmet to helmet and then Boss' head hits the ground. There should have been at least two disqualifications of defenders last year, at least four fines and GOD knows how many unpsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

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I think the front office is looking to upgrade TE


fristly Beckum is more of a H-Back, I could see him taking some reps from Hedgecock in various formations.


two players I wouldn't be suprised to draft is either


Anthony McCoy - we need a good blocking TE and Reese likes USC guys


or Jermaine Gresham


Gresham adds a complete all round TE and a whole new dimension to our offense. Gresham is a better talent than shockey and considerably upgrades our passing and running offense. He will make guys like Smith, Nicks, Jacobs etc better.

Boss has been solid at TE, but I think he would excel as a #2 TE


The added bonus is that we can likely trade down and get Gresham


I know most people want a MLB, but I think McClain is off the table and we can either get a guy like Sean Lee in the 2nd round or even trade back into the first round to get Weatherspoon.


just my thoughts

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