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Helmet Catch on Madden 10

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Question: Does anyone have the first part of the play?


Did Warner calmly drop back, look off the coverage, step into the pocket and, with the presence of true field general, unleash a perfect strike to his number 1 WR?


Or was he frantically running around -- a chicken with his head cut off -- like another Superbowl "MVP" we all know and love... :hah:

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You know I sen Badegg posted in here, I have him on ignore so I'm going to try and guess what he said. People who can read his spew, tell me if I'm close.


BadEgg: "Blah blah blah blah Tony Romo blah blah blah blah Tony Romo blah blah blah blah the Giants superbowl was a sham blah blah blah blah Cowboys going to the Superbowl blah blah blah blah T.O is a shitty WR we wont miss him blah blah blah Tony Romo is a MVP he's better then any QB in the league blah blah blah Giants dont deserve to be Superbowl winners blah blah blah"


So was I close?

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But wait, theres more. If you sign up in the next few minutes, you are guarantee to play. PM jranieli, today!!!!!!! :TU:

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