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Giants Trying to get money back from Plax...


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Some people are just born rebels without a cause....they just rebel at anything. Once this boy's Ma passed all of the constraints and brakes were removed. She was quoted as saying she has been attempting to deal with his rebellious streak since he was a child. She was also quoted as saying most of the crap that he had done was just plain nonsensical; but that there is just no getting through to him. You are right Boo...there is definitely a disconnect somewhere in his decision making tree. Logical progressions and/or cost-benefit analysis are definitely not his strong suits. :mellow:

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Yeah he has a problem no doubt. I actually feel bad for him more than anything. When your on the sidelines witha strained hamstring in Arizona and Brandon Jacobs is just going crazy with his teammates cheeering them on - Plax has that same grumpy look on his face - that I don't want to be here right now. This coming from the face of a 35 million dollar man. I know he grew up without his father - could have been the start of his having no regard for male authority figures - who knows... But this guys best friend on the team was Jeremy Shockey and Plax couldn't even attend the ticker tape parade after his game winning TD.... I guess I, like most people, don't know what this guys got going through his head. I do know he will be hard to replace though

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Plax simply wants to do things on his terms and that is not how life works for most of us.

Independence is one thing, but you better be able to weigh your decisions properly or else plan on constant issues.


The question is, if Plax does get off lightly, does he get traded and for what?

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