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I dont like this


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Columnists confident Giants will beat Eagles


by Frank Della Femina/NJ.com Wednesday January 07, 2009, 8:10 AM

medium_giants-will-beat-eagles.jpgChris Faytok/The Star-LedgerA few columnists in the New York/New Jersey area believe the Philadelphia Eagles will see their playoff run cut short this weekend at the hands of the New York Giants. The Star-Ledger's Steve Politi wrote about Eli Manning's presence among elite company throughout NFL's present and past. Politi believes the Giants are healthy enough to make another Super Bowl run:


Forget the nonsense about the Giants being the vulnerable team. Manning isn't steering the same ship he was with Plaxico Burress as a target, but the Giants are rested and healthy and have two home games before they'd travel to Tampa for the big one
. The NFC is theirs for the taking.

Paul Schwartz at the New York Post is confident the Giants will send the Eagles packing:

Let it be a battle and a street brawl, but at the end of the day on Sunday the Giants New York Giants aren't packing up for the season and the Eagles aren't headed anywhere other than into another long offseason.

The Daily News' Gary Myers feels the same:

It's laughable when people say the Eagles are playing with house money. Why is that? All they have to lose Sunday is their season. They didn't come into the season believing it would be a success if they lost in the divisional round to one of their hated rivals. The Eagles come flying into Giants Stadium but will pack up their season and leave by bus.


Don't look now, but is this a jinx in the making? At the least perhaps some bulletin board material for the Eagles...


we have 3 games to win but lets not win the 3rd one first

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Myers and Schwartz tend to give solidly good predictions. But I would just like to see us play/win and then put this game behind us. Whether we pound the Eagles or barely eek out a win is of no consequence...just as long as we win. Of which I am quietly confident of.

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From what I've seen, everybody is picking the Giants to win, that has not never worked out for the Giants in the past. :unsure:

What are you seeing??? :huh: ESPN Deportes?


Everything I've watched has everyone swiftly around the eagles nuts.

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