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Giants Vs Dallas


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Posted by Carbo on 12/12/08 at 6:34PM


Manning can carry the team if he isn't required to throw the ball more than 25 times. If the Giants get away from the running game, bad things usually happen. If Gilbride decides to get into a pissing contest against the Cowboys, it's going to be a 450 yard, 5 TD game for Dallas. Hell, I can see Witten with 4 TD's himself against those LB's. The Giants need to play ball control and time of possession, or they're playing right into their opponent's hands.

And what's all the love for Danny Ware I'm reading? If the guy is so electric, why is he buried on the depth chart? He, along with the Great Mario Manningham, will not be saviors.


I had to share...

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Marion Barber is a game-time decision. He practiced only on a limited basis on Friday. Phillips says he's having difficulty cutting. My guess is he doesn't play. That would be huge for us, kind of equalizing things since Jacobs won't go.


My guess is he will play.. given Jerry Jones' comments about him last week. Whether he's effective.. and whether this may end up biting Dallas in the ass later on... we'll see.

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