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Madison riding the bench???


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I mean do we have that much faith in Webster from a few games in the post season to place him above Madison at this point? I am a little surprised with this move? (seeing Madison play with the 2nd team all preseason)


when I saw this thread I thought it was about Hedgcock and I was like WTF did we sign some one? :rolleyes:

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Webster played outstanding football in the playoffs against the top WRs in the NFL. His play at the end of the SuperBowl swatting that ball away from Moss alone told me he was ready to start. Not many corners in the NFL would've even been in position to make a play there. I think Webster is ready, and moreover, Madison is not in his prime anymore. The guy has lost a step and he's been able to still get it done with smarts and technique, to his credit. But he's not as athletic or as fast as Webster at this point in their careers and the torch has been passed. Madison is still a good insurance policy as Seph noted.


On a related note, I was listening to the NFL channel today on Sirius Radio and they interviewed Aaron Ross, who kept laughing at some of the questions, it was kinda weird. I think he just wasn't comfortable answering some of the questions so he just laughed... but I digress...


He was asked, in practice right now, who are the personnel on the field in the secondary with the first team defense when the Giants go to the nickel. Aaron said it was him, Webster, Butler, Johnson, and DOCKERY. I thought that was interesting that Madison is not even taking reps in the nickel. Now, I think Phillips will supplant Johnson as the safety early in the year, I just think he's getting the rookie treatment... but Madison not playing in nickel packages was a bit of a surprise. If the Giants go to the dime, you can bet he'll be in there, I'm sure.

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