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Despite hints otherwise, Shockey shows up at Giants' minicamp


ESPN.com news services


Updated: June 11, 2008, 11:18 AM ET




New York Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey showed up for minicamp Wednesday, despite hints he had made last weekend with the New York media that he might skip it.



Shockey, who isn't expected to participate in drills, headed for treatment with Giants trainers for the broken leg he suffered last season.


On Saturday during a promotional event, in his first public comments since breaking his leg last December, Shockey had made comments putting into question whether he would attend the mandatory minicamp.


"Who knows? I might go to see my mother in Texas. I have no idea," Shockey said Saturday.


Shockey shared his gripes with reporters event Saturday.


"Unlike the Giants, I'm going to be quiet," he said. "They've released multiple things about myself and if you look back into the media, there's always a source. Well, I'd like to know who this source is and we'll go over here and we'll deal with it ourselves, because I haven't said one negative thing toward the Giants in the newspapers."


Shockey was a no-show for the team's Super Bowl victory parade in New York, its visit to the White House and its championship ring ceremony.


In the weeks leading up to the draft, the New Orleans Saints and several other teams approached the Giants about a trade for the oft-injured Pro Bowler. The Giants listened, but that was it.


Information from ESPN's Sal Paolantonio and The Associated Press was used in this report




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well thats cool. i know alot of people, for one reason or another, dont want him here. I for one do. Hopefully he completes his tenure with the Giants like Strahan, I hope.


Me too. Yes, some things bother me about him, and I dont like the fact that he skipped a few things, but he is just too talented, even with his injuries, and always makes our O more potent. Even if its just as a blocker, but I'd like to see him get more looks. But, I hope they work this out.

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Can someone post the Vachiano blog article regarding TC & Shockey? websense won't let me get to the page.


June 11, 2008

Coughlin not pleased with Shockey situation

Yes, Jeremy Shockey is here. No, all is not well.


It appears his absence from the practice field at the minicamp today is a source of discontent, especially with Tom Coughlin. The coach spoke to the media a few minutes ago, about “the players that are here,” and specifically mentioned the “guys over in the injury area (on the side of the field).”


That begs the question, why wasn’t Shockey over there too?


“That’s between Shockey and I,” Coughlin said.


Asked if there was any specific reason why Shockey would stay inside, Coughlin said, “No, not really.”


Coughlin did say that due to the rehab of Shockey’s injured leg, he would not have been able to participate in practice. But clearly the coach felt Shockey belonged out on the field with the rest of his team.



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Thanks Seph.

seems like they're blowing things out of proportion a bit over at BBI. I thought TC & Shock were talking shit or something.

No! Never!!!


My money is on Shockey playing with some serious fire in his belly this year.

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Man Im ready to wrap Shock and Plax in some killer trade deal. Last thing this team needs is a couple of injured loud mouths.


Yeah, thats gonna happen. :rolleyes:



Shockey shows up to practice, and its news. What's wrong with this picture? :confused:



Because "sources" said he wasnt going to show. :ph34r:

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No! Never!!!


My money is on Shockey playing with some serious fire in his belly this year.


hehe... the drama over there can get ludicrous at times.


I feel the same way about Shockey. i definitely think he'll be on a mission this year. I just hope it helps him remember his routes and not mouth off in the huddle/sidelines. As of now, I'd have to guess he'd be Eli's 3rd-5th option so he has to focus if he wants the ball. The offense could be fucking sick this year if it all goes the way it should.

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