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this season if Tiki did not retire?


Let's be real about Jacobs and Ward: They are both good backs, but they are not home run hitters like Tiki. Niether back is a legitimate threat to go 50, 60, 75 yards everytime they touch the ball, and they have durability issues.


And while Jacobs is fast for a big guy, his hands are average and his speed really doesn't seem to translate on the field. He'll be good if the Giants have a 4th quarter league, but he is not the all around threat that Tiki was.


So, if Tiki was here, where would the Giants be right now? Would they have beaten the Pack? Taken atleast 1 of the Cowboys games? How much better would Eli be doing with him?


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One could speculate that without Tiki we've got a better team attitude and therefore more likely to win.

As it turns out it was Tiki who was fighting Coughlin every step of the way, even though it was Coughlin who got the best out of Tiki's game. In the lockerroom, in the media, but we're supposed to believe he always gave 100% on the field.


I'll always love the guy, but maybe just maybe we're better off without him.

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Maybe we would have taken the first game against the Boys. Doubt he would have helped much vs the Pack. Likewise for the second Boys game. Turnovers lost the Minny game, so he wouldn't have helped much.

Possibly 1 more win.



Not unless he turned into some great defensive player. They couldnt stop our offense at all, even after Jacobs went down.

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