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Giants Re-Sign HB Derrick Ward:


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This is indiction IMO that a new CBA will be reached ASAP. I like Ward and with Morton he gives a great option as a backup with Jacobs.

I hope so. Another good sign was that the deadline was extended yet again until 10:00. I wouldn't be surprised if it was moved to Tuesday at 6.

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I really like Ward...I like his upside, you just wait and see in 2-3 years he will be a very good player






Lotto Numbers for specific dates and states please. :P

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Lucky guess.


Well not really because I think most people thought he was good but his injuries were a concern. Actually I am surprised that Jacobs and Ward are both having no issues yet this year. Anyway screw you Lughead for getting all our hopes up (at $384 no less). <_<

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