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  1. Moss will be on this team next season...you simply don't cut a second rounder after two years. With that said, i'm not holding my breath for Moss and don't expect too much out of him come next season, but i would love to be surprised
  2. I feel bad for this guy. He has great talent and showed in the few games he played that he can be a playmaker...it is a damn shame he can't stay healthy...best of luck to him in Houston
  3. im not too confident in Couch...I would actually rather have Hasselbeck as backup over Couch
  4. the guy has motivation problems...so it is unlikely that TC would bring him in...
  5. It's not the slump...it's last years playoffs and this year...He NEVER comes up big when we need him. I cringed last night when I saw A-rod stepping to the plate in the 8th inning...Men on first and second, 1 out, down by one run against our cross town rivals in their house......and he grounds into an inning ending double play. He is a great player....in garbage time or early in the game. But when crunch time comes around he can't get it done...
  6. I mean...lets face it...he could probably fetch us a good pitcher in the open market...and I'm sure we can find another third baseman to commit one error a game and not come up big in key spots...
  7. did floyd actually make a post of some value? WHAAAA?!
  8. What reason do we have for clapping for Peyton? cause he is Eli's brother? Are we gonna clap for Ronde when he comes to town?
  9. oft injured tackle on downside of his career, rookie with a fake "gat", second year late round pick, unknown, beached whale, "honey cakes"(or whatever his gay ass nickname is), practice squad center, another unknown, yet another unknown, Strahan's personnal turn style and another "who?" What offensive line depth you have!
  10. ...I don't know...If Jamaar is able to handle one of your cruise missle-like throws I don't think there will be much of a competition....
  11. I see us taking 6 wideouts into the season. With Morton on the roster Ponder is expendable, and if Taylor stays healthy through the preseason and training camp he will make this team
  12. He missed the last game against Oakland last season. It was insignificant and he was resting for the playoffs. You better believe if our playoff hopes were on the line he would of played.
  13. ....aren't you the one bitching about how EA reached on Kiwi? Just stop it now...your not a Giant fan...everyone knows it...go back to your hole...
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