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Pettigout out for the season now


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will seubert get a shot now


Yes, he's the obvious chice.

I'm sick of seeing all our players go down year after year.


thanks the coaches. obviously a broken leg is a fluke injury, but all this other shit is on the coaches.

Depends how bad the fracture is......... Vick came back after that injury. the problem is the fact that he has to sit on his ass to heal it...... not good for a lineman.........

Vick broke his leg in the preaseason and came back in like week 11 or something. Luke is done for the year.

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yes we are fucked... it was the guy covering Elis blindside.. after he came out Eli was getting dropped left and right... oh man


switch Kareem to LT and let the backup play where Eli can see


didnt MCkenzie play LT for the Jets?

I like this idea some don't, Put Diehl Back at Rt and Subert back at LG...

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