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  1. Never mind the fact that Romo looks like he's anti-clutch, Romo has never played a good game when T.O. is either sidelined or playing injured. He has sucked without T.O.
  2. I welcome challenges. Bring on the Eagles so we can whip their asses and shut their fan base up for good.
  3. I wasn't sure if you knew who D4P was. His favorite lines were always about the Olive Garden and thats why I asked you that question.......No hard feelings, I meant nothing bad.
  4. You must be talking about Christian Peter.
  5. Definately Totowa but I think Home Depot is a little further west.
  6. Are you Donovan4prez? On a sidenote, they were probably at the applebees on Rt 46 by Minisink Rd.
  7. There was no Jacobs in that game. Every QB including the best of the best had similiar horrible games during their careers. I never lost faith. I was however getting real pissed off during the first half of the Bears game. I knew no QB would play good with the 40 MPH winds in the pevious 2 games.
  8. Well this thread proves why every pro athlete should be concerned about their lives. I agree that bringing a gun to a club is more than stupid. That doesn't mean they shouldn't be worried. Carl Banks wasn't a player during this age of finding addresses and phone numbers with the click of a mouse. Not all these guys like 4th round draft picks make enough money to pay for a 24 hr 7 day security crew.
  9. The mods here need to attach something in your signature that reads, "BadEgg for entertainment purposes only".
  10. I agree with you on the club part. Plax is definately an idiot. I just don't think he's a thug......Hes just stupid.
  11. I tend to lean toward the left a little more but not on this issue. The way they have it set up is that only criminals have guns. I also heard on 1010 WINS yestrday that some korean restaurant got fined for killing a tree because one of it's employees dumped cleaning liquid near the tree. Meanwhile bus drivers are getting stabbed. Talk about more bureaucratic BS, they now must have the tree police.
  12. No, I said our QB can play a good game without his #1 wr. I can't say the same about your QB without his #1 wr. BTW, The Giants won a Superbowl with a hobbled Plax for the entire year in 2007.
  13. At least our QB can play a good game without his #1 wr.......Unlike Tony Homo
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