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Giants Game thread


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Buccaneers (2-4) vs Giants (4-2)


WHERE: Giants Stadium


Who's getting the game live: MAP


This is something I posted on the general board and Nem asked me to post it here. Basically, since I'm a big soccer fan also, I need to get my games on the weekend and since I don't have Setanta sports, I lose 50% of my games. So while checking a soccer forum, I came across this totally by accident. If you click on this link you will come across a site that tells you what games are streaming on the net each week. By clicking on the linksit gives you a schedule of games and to which streaming program they are playing on. Links to downloading these programs are also provided and I've had no issues with the downloads. Most of the NFL games are broadcast on Sopcast and TVU, which I happen to find to be the best. Some of the guys tried it already and they seem to be happy with it. If you have any questions, let me know, perhaps this can be a good alternative for watching the games on the weekend. There's hockey and basketball on here also.


psp site

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