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  1. stewart back in the pits for gas and 4 tires 10 more laps and we shoudl have more green flag pit stops
  2. Biffle having trouble with car says motor is laboring down the back streach something to do with driving into a head wind and also having issues with fuel pressure gauge
  3. Gordan was having battery trouble had to switch to other battery and turn off all his non essential electrical equipment
  4. thast didnt last long martin and kenseth blow by stewart
  5. green fla g stops stewart stays out and now is in 2nd place behind biffle and martin is in 3rd stewart wants a caution eventually they will all over run stewart cause his tires are older
  6. NEWMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO thats a funny ass commercial for the gillette young guns
  7. Stewart left front flat has to go in the pits
  8. what the hell you cooking a whole side of beef?
  9. thats odd there was a cation for debris 10 laps after green flag pit stops and everyone comes back in but on the bright side stewart lost a ton of positions he is outside the top 10 now came in the pits in first and gets back out in 15th kenseth 1st kurt bush 2nd greg biffle 3rd
  10. check that reed sorensen and mcmurray just swapped spots 7 and 8
  11. roush is coming he has 5 drivers in the top 7 the only other 2 are stewart and johnson
  12. yeah he is he is getting a mirror added on this pit stop
  13. BOOGITY BOOGITY BOOGITY , lets go racing boys
  14. whats with these pre race mini concerts is this going to be the norm this year?
  15. no shit , damn idiots out there on the road some times.
  16. Mark Martin wins at California 2 in a row in the truck series but he is only running a limited number of races or he would dominate the truck series link
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