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  1. when have they been right? dont lick thier balls son. I didnt say I hated them thier inanity is sometimes commical , but so is seeing an idiot fall down a stair case I think you got you're corn rows to tight plow.
  2. Carbo knows Lockhart from the Giants board, he knows the history :brooding: what gets me is the constant bashing the fab4 and thier toadies do to the players on the Giants team . thay act like if they complain enough then EA will read this and adjust the Giants Team in accordance to thier Stupidity. Jesus you know if Shockey takes a shit at 7:30 a.m. they would bitch cause he didn't take one at 8:00 a.m. WHY? just for something to bitch about thats why. I have refrained from replying to aanything that this anti-player cult has to say any thing they have to say is irrelevant . they just stir the pot to get a rise out of people if no one replies they wont get a rise its as simple as that and besides Lode Zedd only started this thread because he knew this would happen ............yet another kettle stirrer
  3. yeah that sucked kinda lie a few years ago when the CINCINNATI BENGALS had week 1 off for thier bye week but we gott to see a bush race at least
  4. ahh thats just it with that track he who dominates never wins but on the bright side its a roush track
  5. I know that but had he picked Gordan like I said he would of stood a better chance in winning . I hate to ever have to pick gordan also but when there is $ on the line .............
  6. Gordan finished 13th PSSSSST. I told ya so
  7. you should of stayed your bitch ass in the kitchen and kept on cooking you had to watch the race and give him bad luck
  8. here is 2 thumbs up for carl edwards he realy needed to finish 3rd afte that awefull start at daytona where he finished 43rd
  9. damn Mark finished 9th when he should of been in the top 5 but hey we are moving up in the points thats what matters the most was a pretty boring race at the begining but got some excitment going with about 100 miles to go
  10. caution is out 4 laps to go :yikes: not another green white checker :explode:
  12. damn lap cars holding MArtin back Godamnit :brooding:
  13. actually its for the lowest loser on the totem pole every week so say biffle wins ( ) then you can choose the sig for so-cal till the begining of next week if his guy finnishes above the rest next week he chooses a sig for the lowest loser.
  14. Kurt bush spins out draws a caution greg Biffle looks like his Motor is getting ready to let loose
  15. Caution caution spin back in the pack Stanton barret goes a round but doesnt hit a thing smokes up the track everyone makes it through, kenseth blew by gordan to take the lead gordan only took 2 tires and gas last pit
  16. stewart goes behind the wall looks like its going to be a DNF HMMMMMMM.... looks like SO-CAL is going to be Displaying a sig this week
  17. everyone has to stop 1 more time for gas and go Kasey Kahne thinks he can make it
  18. looks like Gordan is swapping out batteries
  19. caution, debris again this helps stewart and JR gets the lucky dawg kurt bush was about to go a lap down
  20. green flag stops under way we will see how they shake out after they all do thier rounds
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