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  1. Any more predictions? You guys are on a roll.
  2. Are you inferring that Detorit didn't have enough weapons for Harrington to succeed, becuase if that's the case, I couldn't disagree more.
  3. I had a stunad on another board try to tell me the reason the Devils lost was the refs!!!!!! Yeah ... like Cullen bit his lip to draw the double minor! I'm sure it had nothing to do with Langenbrunner feeding his stick to him! Go Canes!
  4. He wasn't fired, he resigned. Casserly is a pretty good portrait of life as an NFL GM. He's made some exceedingly shrewd moves in his time with Washington and Houston, and he's had his fair share of disastrous misses. All too often fanbases have the unrealistic expectation that teams should always hit a homerun on their draft picks and never strike out. Reality says that simply doesn't happen. He's always been a class act. He seems like a good fit for the league office.
  5. Agreed on Hali. I'm not high on tweener types who aren't landing in OLB positions in 3-4's. Hali will have the same responsibilities as any 4-3 DE and I don't think physically he can match up.
  6. Wow Barens, we have almost polar opposite picks! I like Cutler and think of the three he's going to the best team. I think he's in a good position to learn the O at a nice slow pace. I doubt he'll make much of a splash in his first two seasons but I think that's due more to the teams present QB situation than any lack in skill. I think Ngata is in a great situation in Baltimore. He's a perfect fit. I love Ernie Sims. Even though Detroit got him and they always seem to bungle their first rounders, I have confidence that Marinelli will make him an absolute stud. Lewis I may agree
  7. Take your schoolgirl logic someplace else and stop threadjacking. Be happy I didn't predict Bunkley as a bust.
  8. Maybe you haven't noticed but the poll option hasn't been working.
  9. I see an awful lot of people predicting the past. Some don't even do a good job of that! Then there's the rush to assign draft grades to every team which is retarded considering it'll be 3 years before we know how this draft went. What I want to know is, who are the 1 round picks who will be busts for their respective teams from teh 2006 draft? I define "Bust" as a guy who either can't crack the starting lineup due to a lack of playing ability or football intelligence, or a guy who collects enough off-field arrests, violations, etc. that he's either suspended, cut or bagging gr
  10. We should trade Emmons for Shawn Merriman. I forget which poster told me that but it seems like a good idea.
  11. Wow ... I didn't know the neighbors were at risk. By chance are they Eagles fans? If so, the Eli Manning trade was horrible. Imagine Shawn Merriman in Giants blue. Where do you keep sharp knives? I'm pretty sure the back door is unlocked. Oh look, the porch light is out too!
  12. Don't be surprised if I get worked into that rotation. I can play either outside spot and I'm a special teams terror.
  13. So ... you kept your streak alive of draft day tantrums huh? Sorry I missed it.
  14. Do me a favor and list Plax, Shock and Arrington's rap sheets for me. To my knowledge none of them have an arrest. Your boy Justice is already outscoring the three of them combined. First he solicits a prostitute and gets caught ... which is Hugh Grant pathetic. Then he gets caught bullying a fellow student at USC with a toy gun. Is there a reason he didn't just beat the shit out of the guy? Winston Justice, superhulk, needs a fake pistol to fight his battles? That by itself is reason not to draft the kid. He's a grade A wussy. Look on the bright side, chances are McNabb will
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