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  1. wow nice save by stewart i bet kyle bush goes home with a broken nose LOL
  2. kurt bush WHAAAAA WHAAAAA WHAAAAAA why isnt the 26 in trouble for aggresive driving sniffle sniffle fuck you ,you drunken dumb ass trader
  3. HOLY FUCK thats was as close as you get with out having the big one MAN
  4. I dont hate stewart but jesh you know after the comments he made this week but then come out and race like he has today kinda makes you think, wtf dude? if some ones going to get killed looks like you are the one thats going to cause it kenseth was damn lucky when he came back up the track there wasnt a ton of people there to run his ass over
  5. wow newman and shradder that was damn close
  6. caution is ou t 32 hit the wall mark martin will get 2 tires and gas come out in good shape and god damn guess what matt kenseth is the lucky dawg he comes back to the lead lap
  7. arrrgh thats why he started so far bACK HE DIDNT GET ALL THE GAS IN IT WHEN THEY TOOK 4 TIRES oN THE LAST stop so he came back in
  8. they are starting to bang a little alls it takes is a touch at the wrong time or some one over driving the corner and bouncing off the wall coming out of the turn
  9. he learnt thsat move from gordan :lol:
  10. benny parsons just said these guys are looking for a plce to wreck and beeing this packed up at the end it is going to happen
  11. yea it is can you just feel it maybe its a good thing martin is back ?????
  12. wtf how did he come out in 27th son of a bitch mfr
  13. lol i thought you was talking about me saying markmartin being in the lead :lol:
  14. check what again? damn tha jimmy johnson is a dirty driver
  15. damn martin back to 7th after all that shuffling well boys and girls thats what you get when you take 2 tires instead of 4
  16. this happens every year. sponsors change,drivers change,crew chiefs change this year it just seems to be a lot of the old guys doing a lot of changes
  17. no its just over half way done go ahead and do it if you want to
  18. the way stewarts going its going to be a 42 on blaket party LOL man oh man stewart back to the end of the longest line again cause he ran over his jack wonder if he can make it back up there again
  19. now that was bullshit what he did to kenseth if it was gordan I could see it for what gordan did to him kenseth did nothing to Stewart.
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