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  1. now how funny would that be if Jimmie Johnson wrencks Greg Biffle this week
  2. yeah thats it vg and at the end of the chase all losers have to were the sig the winner approves untill next feb
  3. here is the power rankings for Fontana, california link pssst. real the comments some are funny stuff
  4. my offseason plan? are real EA? come on for real tell us . Josh mCcown hmmmmmm intresting remember that kid from colarado,I think. he was on the ski team and the football team played wr I think well he got kicked out of the football program for gettting payed to ski I think he is going to enter the draft his year( heard something about it at work ) what do you think about him?
  5. QUOTE(NeMesiS @ Feb 20 2006, 05:58 PM) I personally don't like NASCAR. But it's a growing sport for sure...Here in Dallas, we are gearing for the Texas Motor speedway and people are killing themselve for tickets. Same here, Pocono Raceway is only a half hour from where I live. There are two races a year adn it gets crazy around here. All the NASCAR hicks like VG come up and take over the area. Long Pond is the third largest city in the state for the day. Some 200,000 folks come. I have stayed on the infield before and it is actually pretty fun. A ton of cook outs and great food. all the nascar hicks ?
  6. by the way how new are you to nascar JR ? I am in the General Discussion defending NAscar as a sport and you are like it was no big deal
  7. oh I didnt know morgan declined to enter our sig game sorry my bad :yikes: ............. no prob then
  8. wait a minute i thought morgan had JJ? in defence to morgan we know he is a jj fan from SW1 but dont know if he has had a chance to join in this little bet yet, and we all assummed he would and jrenieli said he would take carl edwards so what the story who has who? oh and when are we going to start the sig change is it this week or after next weeks race?
  9. this is for you're other nascar league ? california I hate to say it but pick gordan :brooding:
  10. errr he won 1 daytona 500 a couple years back ...................... always?
  11. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v676/shooboxx/goliath2.jpg
  12. yeah it would be up to morgan to supply you with the sig before the start of next weeks race if he dont then you dont have to display it any way before we do this we should ALL agee I dont know what the others think damn too bad we didnt have a little chat box so we could all talk at once
  13. ok ok we need clairification sig bet after 10 major races this year? or is it at the end of the season how about this the low man on the totem pole has to carry the winners sig till next week who ever is low guy the next week has to put on the highest guys sig (what ever he wants) untill the next week . when we get to the chase if your guy aint in it you got to choose a new guy . at the end of the year its the points race how they finish. every one that is lowerin points than the highest poster has to carry the winners sig(what ever he wants) till next feburary. so you could see 9 guys on here with the same sig and if new people ask why you can tell them and maybe we will have more people in on it next year.
  14. no go back to the sig bet thread and read it again
  15. LOL they wont let the crew touch the car to clean it off the officials are going to do it if they find an ything illeagle ye should be stripped of the title
  16. unofficial ranks Rank +/- Driver .........Points.. Behind 1 -- Jimmie Johnson ....185 .......Leader 5 -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. .165 ..........-20 9 -- Tony Stewart........ 143.......... -42 13 -- Mark Martin .........126 .........-59 16 --Greg Biffle........... 120.......... -65 43 -- Carl Edwards ........34 .........-151 this will change they are haveing trouble figuring out the scoring but the last 3 are pretty much right am I missing someone?
  17. i dont know who i hate more gordan or johnson
  18. damn you elliot jr had your back you could of ran johnson down oh looks like biffle wrecked
  19. everyone should rail road Jimmy Johnson on th outside and give him the finger when they go by :lol:
  20. well I guess I will never see MARK MARTIN win the daytona 500 but thats ok he has had a stellar career heres hoping he can win the championship I salute you MArk S\ thanks for the daytona memories
  21. god damn you know what they are tring to have to big one so hard it probley wont happen :lol:
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