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  1. the way stewarts going its going to be a 42 on blaket party LOL man oh man stewart back to the end of the longest line again cause he ran over his jack wonder if he can make it back up there again
  2. now that was bullshit what he did to kenseth if it was gordan I could see it for what gordan did to him kenseth did nothing to Stewart.
  3. morgan has him you got to find another one
  4. WOW Stewart to the end of the longest line for aggresive driving thats got to hurt awe man now kenseth gets black flag for going after stewart ohhhhhh man like sands throught hour glass so are the days of thunder LMAO
  5. damn biffle up to 2nd of the pit road martin to 3rd
  6. Kennseth in the wall stewart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. MARTIN IN FRONT BABY B) thanks Tony lol
  8. stewart comes out of the pits in 6th So-Cal , Martin in 5th , Johnson 2nd, Jr 1st
  9. dont look like petty is going to nose his way to the win
  10. lap 78 crash small one but this is who was in it jeff geen #66 kyle petty #45 Carl Edwards # 99 Joe Nemecheck #01 JJ yaley#18
  11. any one else have trackpass? I do its pretty cool
  12. 5th #8 6th #48 7th #6 14th #20 31st #16 36th #99 after lap 77 of 200
  13. Stewart already back up to 10th place in like 25 laps or so hang in there So-Cal you still got a chance stewart is pissed at gordan gordan wants to lay the blame for that incedent at 50/50 stewart said it was more like 100/0 % Gordans fault LMAO typical gordan/Johnson statement
  14. where the fuck is VG? whens he get off of work?
  15. 1st.....So-Cal- Stewart 20 30th...VG- Biffle 16 13th....Plax- Earnhardt JR. 8 26th ....JR- Carl Edwards 99 12thLughead- Mark Martin- 6
  16. lap 37 - Mayfield hits the wall comes down and hits Biffle, Biffle backs off to feel his car out to see if his tire is going down after feeling it out says it feels fine and now runs in 30th
  17. damn stewart almost lost it big time that would of been hugh all the top runners where there
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