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  1. Martinez on covid list now.
  2. We won’t need to worry about Toney’s issues since the o-line isn’t going to give Jones any time to throw the football.
  3. Unless you think his literal presence will hurt the team, it would be stupid not to let him stay and try to make the team. Save money and get rid of him vs Save more money and keep him
  4. Well ive never argued against the idea of trying to get him to restructure. I’ve argued that it’s unrealistic to cut him and then sign him back to the 3 year 22 mil contract the ravens offered.
  5. So you really do believe it’s realistic that we could have signed Zeitler to the same contract the ravens offered after we cut him?
  6. Im just glad you’ve accepted that signing Zeitler to the same contract offered by the ravens after we cut him is an unrealistic idea. Progress lol
  7. I wouldn’t be re-living all our off-season moves and non moves during games.
  8. You seriously think we could cut him, and then sign him back to the same 3 year 22mil contract offered by the ravens? A legit contender? That wouldn’t even work in madden.
  9. And you keep insisting we could have had Zeitler for 4mil this year which simply doesn’t make sense.
  10. Damn dude I bet you’re fun to watch a game with lol.
  11. I don’t think I said that. I’m just optimistic and hopeful they will do alright. And excited to see how it goes. I also wouldn’t describe myself as happy about their edge moves or rb moves this off-season. but id rather not go on and on about it. let’s play ball.
  12. And honestly it makes the whole experience better to be hopeful. im usually a pessimist but sports is one thing I’m able to be optimistic about.
  13. It’s easy to be thrilled to watch my favorite team play my favorite sport.
  14. He would have dissed Strahan by now.
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