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  1. If jones struggles I would throw Newhouse at RT and swing Hart over to LG to see how versatile he can be for us going forward. I see him being a rich mans Kevin boothe maybe
  2. He's a bit of a unique player too Don't really know a safety off the top of my head who he reminds me of, and I know my safety's. Not that he's the best ever, he's got flaws but his strengths are really strong lol and he works so hard
  3. 69 tackles 3 sacks 3 INTs with a TD thru 8 games
  4. Lol good point. Society really sucks in 2016 besides weed becoming legal. The hypocrisy is insane.
  5. Sorry tho guys, definitely wasn't a good thing to say or funny at all.
  6. Lol you poor delicate snowflakes , it's just words. Of course I've beaten woman many many times. Not. Lmao guys, sorry my sarcasm was in such bad taste and not funny at all.
  7. Agreed, some women just need the living shit beat out of them. Stupid whores sometimes
  8. No you are wrong Physical abuse is striking someone and or hurting them, etc.. Throwing things is not physical abuse. Maybe mental abuse, verbal abuse maybe or maybe even physiological abuse but not physical abuse. Hey maybe I'm wrong tho man lol wouldn't be the first time
  9. he's a good kicker so it sucks but it's time to let obj kick and use the roster spot for a fullback
  10. They are great, but they talk way to much jets and mets, although it does entertain me when they lose just to heat beningo spazz out
  11. Exactly. Cost me fantasy points too since I have Jones and Freeman so potential TD if it's a PI The NFL is rigged
  12. Yes he's back him and OBJ Also cut Larry Donnell tonight
  13. These people need to be fired I'm convinced this game was rigged
  14. However o2 and Kennard have shown nothing so far for pass rush. But Vernon? JPP? They've been fine so far, yes we need them to get sacks tho and they will
  15. Fwiw JPP and Vernon lead the NFL in hurries for a starting DE duo. The sacks will come. Vernon and JPP are conditioned not to wear/brake down during the long haul of the season when everyone else does and that's when they get the sacks they just miss now.
  16. Excellent stuff Jim, excellent indeed It's .5 PPR format 10 team league, 1 RB, 2 RB/WR flex spots, 3 WR, 1 TE is the lineup format Team is QB: Phillip Rivers RB: Freeman, Coleman, Riddick, Matt Jones, Yeldon, Duke Johnson, DeAndre Washington, Thomas Rawls (IR slot) WR: Julio Jones, J Landry, A Cooper, Travis Benjamin Tavon Austin, Michael Thomas TE: J Thomas, H Henry D: Chiefs K: Gano 1 open bench spot
  17. Btw I like Freeman I start him every week Coleman is always on my bench as a handcuff although I'm tempted to start both going forward in certain match ups if I keep them both. My team is 4-1 I would like another WR or top RB or top TE/QB My QB is Rivers who's been good but don't trust and my TE is Julis Thomas plus Hunter Henry so wouldn't mind studs at those positions either I know for a fact I can trade Coleman for Russell Wilson plus a WR3 So trading a beast handcuff/RB3 bench guy for a coin flip start sit vs Rivers each week QB plus a much needed depth wr3. But I feel I can do better for Coleman
  18. What can I get for Coleman or Freeman or both? Should I sell high on one of them? Particularly Coleman?
  19. Was 25 a super bowl champion 2nd round pick healthy starter beast NFL strongest man and athletic at 6-5 330 Now anchors the Vikings defense and is still amazing and great value as his total contract was just 36 million total dollars over 5 years or so Reese should have kept Linval, and then draft a different position instead of taking Hankins and using the Snacks money on either Snacks or other weapons .. Also probly should have given Marvin Jones some money... That's my Monday morning QB this week
  20. I've been scoring 120-160 in most tournys 195-230 is usually top prize section
  21. Been hitting money in tournys every week but just missing the big money or top prizes Hoping to break thru before I put up a dud Anyone else doing well or do well any week?
  22. Let's sign him up old fresh Florida vet legs Need a real man back there to call the shots and force turnovers
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