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  1. I PM'ed more, but none responded, and I just sent a PM to NYSportsMan
  2. true...but I can talk giants football whenever...but I see you at the GMB at times and I got 3 members to join here is just 1 day...FlyinRyan, Pizan, and WillAllen so if we both PM a couple more of the regulars over there we can turn it into a pretty good board for Giants football
  3. you can still post at TAGF, it still exists
  4. yes and if Will Peterson can come back healthy (which is doubtful ) then that is just like adding a good quality player.... and there are plenty of needs... Carpenter, D. Jackson, Simms, McIntosh, and Ryans all have great talent and all are likely to be there at 25, and Simms, Jackson, McIntosh may even be there in round 2! McNeil, Winston, and Trueblood are all options at OT and they can groom behind Luke for a year (although im not 100% sure Trueblood can play LT so this draft has good depth at all the positions that we need...
  5. well it depends... if we dont re-sign Allen, dont draft a corner in day 1, and if Will P is not ready to go... then he definately will along side Deloutch whom I think is pretty skilled and can become a good player...he played well in a couple games this year so yes Webster will likely be a starter
  6. Will Allen rumor I actually read that the Giants are interested in re-signing Will Allen, but they dont want to pay him the money that he wants... so if he is re-signed does that at all factor in to the decision of the draft? Cause there are 3 good corners that should be availble when we pick, Cromartie, Joseph, and Youboty
  7. actually there is one downside to him and that is his knee injury, but he is supposedly 100% healthy now
  8. I am really starting to want this go to come to NY...I mean what is not to like, he is 6-3 210 pounds I dont know what his 40 is, but it is rumored to be in the 4.3, 4.4 range, he has good leaping ability and has good ball skills. Someone posted an interview with him over on the Giants MB and he seems like a really good person and he said the reason why he is coming out early is so he can pay for his mothers breat cancer treatment. I really think we should persue him...anyone else like him?
  9. well I sent out PM's to 8 posters over at giants.com who are fairly active users and are good posters in my opinion.... I really am starting to like this board better and am going to continue sending out some PM's when I feel like it...
  10. I would like to draft Ashton Youboty who is 6-1 190, he is a ball-hawk...with some big upside and great skills, I would compare him to Chris Gamble Jason Allen is another name to throw around to at FS or CB coming off an injury puts him in round 2 btw I absolutely do NOT want Thomas Howard here...have you seen him play? He is nothing to be excited about other than a sack here and there and he is fast, he dropped 2 INT's in the senior bowl Ernie Simms is a Derrick Brooks type of guy...not as good but the same type of play, so even though he is just 220 pounds and 6-0 I would like EA to take him or Youboty in round 1
  11. dont worry I am a new member and will contribute to the game
  12. The Knicks dont need Francis... Crawford is younger and is a better shooter than Francis Francis is also selfish Lee Robinson Frye Woods Ariza and Curry those are a good crop of players to build around...am I wrong?
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