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  1. I'm very accurate with these Last year I guessed 50 out of 53 Later tonight or early next week I will publish my list (haven't started yet)
  2. His homer totals are not suspicious at all. He's a big man always has been. He's a solid player when healthy.
  3. Nice I'll check that old email soon... that account has thousands of emails on it soooo gross
  4. This Mets offseason will be very very very important for them Sandy will cement his legacy this winter
  5. Yeah definitely The weed is probly helping his case if anything it's all that's being mentioned
  6. Lol Random but dont some of the sexier UDFAs get more money then a late round pick?
  7. Hope they give him another chance Real stupid but we knew this kid wasn't perfect. It's why he wasn't drafted. Let this be his first and second strike. One more chance.
  8. Not that we will likely need it Eli is the last of the Cal Ripkens
  9. Geno is a great backup I really believe we have a backup who can win a half a game for us maybe 3-4 games or even a playoff game
  10. lol I know I compared him to Hernandez/Reed/Davis But you know who some people project him as? Mike Evans in Tampa Crazy
  11. It's not stronger Maybe when using footwork potential But Mahomes can flick it like Vick with accuracy
  12. Horrible draft imo Round 1 was a GREAT pick Round 2 fills Hanks void day 1, can't complain Every other round.. meh. Unless Webb turns into some stud in 3 years.
  13. He will develop similar to one of those 3 players imo with a higher ceiling then all of them
  14. Engram is a Aaron Hernandez/Jordan Reed/ Vernon Davis type but with higher upside as a playmaking WR/TE
  15. Or even Jake Ballard. He was so damn fucking slow defenses would just throw dirt in front of him as his defender
  16. Brutal pick Our 3rd rounders always suck tho so why not
  17. San Diego doesn't have a bad airport in fact its kinda nice considering it's CA and everything else.
  18. I'd keep Tye too If Marshall got hurt or Sheperd.. Engram can fill in at WR I fucking love this pick
  19. Engram fwiw was graded ELITE at blocking LBs and DBs the past couple years , graded average against DL
  20. Shockey was the last time we had such a dynamic TE Engram is a better receiver maybe but Shockey was a damn good blocker. Engram will never block that good, but Engram could block just enough for sure in the run game especially if he's lined up at WR Plus Ellison can teach him blocking lol
  21. Anyways now Eli has a weapon like never before This guy will be everything Travis Beckham was supposed to be and so so so much more I agree with the Jordan Reed comparisons.
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