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  1. He's probly our #4 WR also now
  2. Amazing pick. Matchup nightmare !!! He can line up at WR, TE and in the backfield He's basically a new breed of TE, a better Vernon Davis. And yes Engram can block. Better blocker then Tye or Donnell day 1 at the least
  3. Pass The only OL I like at 23 would be Lamp, Ramczyk, or Robinson And none of them excite me. Ramczyk could be sexy but Robinson and Lamp are safer lunch pail guys with a more limited ceiling
  4. I can see Mahomes or Kizer, I would def be upset at the pick.. However it could be a smart thing if he's in love with one of them down the road. I gotta admit.. Mahomes behind Eli for 3 years learning and being coached up sounds UBER SEXY. Kizer needs a year or 2 also but is a far far faster learner. I think Kizer and Mahomes have the highest ceilings of all QBs this year. Trubisky looks good tho also. Watson is the best by far but has the lowest ceiling also by far.
  5. Dalvin Cook. STUD. That's if Mcafrrey is already gone. If cook is gone too then give me Engram, Njoku, Lamp, Foster, or Reddick
  6. Reese has a 95+% success rate on 1st and second round picks. Only bust was Sintim
  7. Probly since Hosely isn't technically retired yet He served 4 years in poor form. Major disappointment
  8. He sure sucks in the 3rd but man he's money in the 1st and 2nd
  9. Sounds like he's a pussy Looks like Tarzan plays like Jane
  10. Michael Boley in his prime would be insane on this defense
  11. He will restructure next year to give us cap room but no pay cut, nor should he. He was fucking ELITE in the playoff game this year.. the WR unit was awful
  12. I agree. They dominate the run game and cause some havoc against the pass but I'd like to see more sacks this upcoming year from our ends. 30 between the two of them would be epic as fuck and justify the pay. Jpp, Snacks, Vernon are all premier run defenders. Snack being the best in the NFL, Jpp in the top 3 and Vernon top 20 at stopping the run. If OV and Jpp can get the sack numbers up with our secondary omg. Also helps mask our shitty Lb Corp greatly! Man it would be nice to have a Michael Boley behind this line! Cassilas is servicable but a poor mans Boley at best
  13. Yeah it's tough for sure.. Can always restructure Eli, Vernon, Jenkins to free up a few bucks But yea the cap should be tight going forward now. Pugh is gonna cost money, and OBJ wow fuck.. Also Collins sees what Berry got and he needs paid in 2 years since he was a 2nd rounder there's no 5th year option.. Tricky
  14. Not a bad contract if he stays on the field and plays hard
  15. Like a Muslim? "nassib, give me my turban, quick!" lol I get it
  16. Linval was a monster here, and turned into a super monster with the Vikings I hated when we didn't resign Linval He was great and still is 35 million for a 24 year old 6-5 330 pound mammoth monster with good athleticism like Joseph was a no brainer and the Vikings got a steal!! Little mini payback for us snagging Fred Robbins years ago
  17. Wants 8-10 mill per year.. Teams aren't offering him that.. Giants might get him back on a 1 year deal... http://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/armando-salguero/article138802378.html
  18. Agreed, im happy he's back and I also FULLY agree on Clady. Clady is likely shot, but definitely worth trying to get a full year out of him at LT with the big boys on the right side and Jerry as backup
  19. 11th pick from the horrible 2013 Oline draft.. Who knows.. he's just 25 still
  20. Great signing imo 1 year for 3 million dollars He sucked lately but he can be a big upgrade at RT possibly
  21. I have a feeling Fluker will get big money somewhere This OL market is insane
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