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  1. Thanks Herc maybe it's not as bad as I thought I put this team up on BBI for 5 mins last night got 4 replies saying I need a new hobby and it's the worst team ever lol. Made me feel a bit insecure about the team. I agree I could use another WR, should be okay once Gordon comes back tho. I really don't like Rivers at QB but all my QBs were taken so I had to improvise
  2. Please lmk how bad this, it's for 1k and I feel bad about this team It's .5 PPR 3 WR 2 RB 1 Flex QBs Rivers RBs Devonta Freeman Thomas Rawls TJ Yeldon Duke Johnson Matt Jones Tevin Coleman WRs Julio Jones Amari Cooper Jarvis Landry Josh Gordon Travis Benjamin Tavon Austin Michael Thomas TEs Julius Thomas Martellus Bennett K Gano Def KC
  3. True Don't like keeping 8 LBers either
  4. Mine Eli Jennings Vareen Darkwa Perkins Obj Cruz Shepherd Harris Davis Lewis King Donnell Tye Adams Johnson Flowers Beatty Newhouse Jerry Pugh Richburg Hart Jones ---- JPP Vernon OO Okwara Wynn Snacks Hankins Bromley Nix III Cassilas Brinkley Robinson Kennard Thomas Shepard Herzlich DRC Jenkins Apple Hall Adams Wade Darian Thompson Collins Behre Mykel Thompson Brown Deossie Wing That's 53 without a backup QB No need for a backup QB just IR Nassib and he can still come to games and hold the clipboard Sign a ps guy for practice reps
  5. I'd try to stash Lewis on the Ps tho but he will likely get taken away from us
  6. Obj Shep Cruz Harris Lewis King Davis I can see them keeping 7 WR
  7. Couple reasons nobody signed him. Coming off two surgerys, and also left the Giants on bad terms. He had offers, but called the Giants last minute since nobody would give him much.
  8. Beatty has incredible footwork for pass pro. Can't believe anyone would be upset at all we brought in a guy to help keep Eli alive
  9. There's literally zero downside to signing Beatty And multiple teams wanted him on a vet min deal, he called Jerry Reese at the final hour and they hashed away the past.
  10. Beatty at RT can be the next Sean Locklear Locklear played a fantastic RT for us one year in pass pro he was incredible, his run blocking was poor tho .
  11. I actually agree. Can always move Flowers back to LT
  12. Wow!!!! Nice news p2!!! I'm happy with this!! Had to do something, anything
  13. As long as Eli doesn't take a beating we will be top 10 in offense The defense looks incredibly better, let's hope the offense doesn't burn them out with tons of 3 n outs
  14. Lol true. War of 1812 damn I'm ashamed I forgot about it. Time to hit up Google and relearn
  15. Guy is a POS. Straight disrespect to the military. If you read the lyrics the song is about the military and the revolutionary war
  16. Guy is a POS. Straight disrespect to the military. If you read the lyrics the song is about the military and the revolutionary war
  17. Gettleman had zero to do with our drafts He gets credit for the 09 FA class, Boley, Rolle, Canty, Rocky, and the other guy. But overall Gettleman had no responsibility with us besides professional player evaluation. Key job indeed , but hardly the brains of the front office.
  18. I'd offer 5 years, $50 million with $22 mill guaranteed if he puts up big numbers this year and proves he can grip
  19. I'm all about the money too. NFL owners are scum and the players get peanuts compared to NBA or MLB Butt the Giants are a diff orginization and if the guaranteed money is close I think JPP stays. Unless the Dolphins want him, I'm sure JPP would love to play at home for any of the Florida teams. He's a Florida guy. Bigblue25, lets see how he does this year? Not saying give him OV money, but if he puts up 60 tackles and 10 sacks this year he deserves a nice deal in the 3-5 year range
  20. Honestly, I'm not as worried about the OL as most if they stay healthy. The TEs neeeeeeeeed to block wayyyy better. I'd start Adams if his blocking is good, then Tye number 2 and Donnell number 3/goal line target. Now if the OL gets hurt, especially anyone of Pugh/Richburg and maybe Flowers, then we are FUCKED so 50/50
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