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  1. Hakeem Nicks was a guy I loved.. All it took was a nagging foot injury to sap all of his speed, ability, and explosiveness... Let alone a bad knee injury.. I trade OBj to the afc if I'm Reese for a bundle of riches, after next season.
  2. It's true just speculation But we/Eli tend to burn our WRs out pretty quickly.. Maybe OBJ has 3 more great years at most imo.. Once he gets hurt he's done
  3. So he should get what he wants? You'd pay him over 100 million guaranteed?? Or trade him for a bunch of draft picks? No way OBJ is the same player 5 years from now. Not a chance.
  4. I'm so sick of obj Giants should have traded him for 2 1sts a 2nd and a few late rounders Don't pay this bitch ass
  5. Lol word. I'm more hopeful, but your realistic He's got 10-15 good games left in him hopefully Cut him next year Should hve drafted Thomas over Shep
  6. lol atleast everyone agrees we shouldn't do that
  7. I need to study him, I'm a little behind this year. I'm starting to think we should just keep 2 QBs and utilize the extra spot.. Geno would be nice for a game maybe but mehh
  8. I say we get Leon Hall back for backup safety and 6th CB come week 1..
  9. Deayon tho?? Who's this guy? He'd be huge if he can be our 4th 5th CB and solid for a few plays next couple years for cheap.. He's small tho but plays semi big ..
  10. Webb reminds me of Eli a bit at first glance on the field
  11. I switched, it was actually a very dull speech , presidential tho I guess. He sounded like he was bottling up rage
  12. You.. Oh you. You guy you!!! You !!
  13. Nah leave the time. I have a wedding to attend the 3rd Your beat Nosebleed. Every year you complain about the draft time. Lug, great draft time selection buddy!
  14. Also he sounds guilty but since it was a traffic stop decent chance with a good lawyer they can get a really good plea deal or have it dropped to avoid trial. Illegal stop and seizure is a very very tough thing for cops to prove 100% but they usually get the pleas unless it's fought harder. My prediction is he pleads guilty and gets 3 years probation, fines and some community service. He's Adrien Robinson not Tiger Woods
  15. Thank goodness he didn't have a firearm
  16. Agreed him and his employers suck. The rule is if you can't bail yourself out your dealer will depending on the relationship
  17. If it's his first offense he likely won't see any prison time
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