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  1. This game worries me a bit But way I see it, 34-23 Giants
  2. I agree fully, I don't like Behre or Collins at FS tho, which is why I'm slightly worried. I think Leon Hall might get some snaps at safety
  3. Beatty or Hart at RT? Can Behre play FS well enough to allow Collins to keep doing his thing in the box? We will see
  4. Black Unicorn was the guy we should have paid. He's a tremendous blocker, huge and basically an extra Left/Right Tackle, who can go out and catch a few balls too.
  5. Wow I'm honored, especially coming from you. I'm really proud of that, I accept your analysis of my gay post with pride.
  6. Your welcome Hope you didn't run out of lube, I'm gonna have to penetrate you this week since your against me in fantasy
  7. I voted dump it if it saves the website money.
  8. Plus Dak wasn't exactly taking 5-7 step drop backs and throwing downfield
  9. The O line and it's run blocking late in the game, overall this unit played okay but played great when it mattered most , we were all petrified in pre season, they won't be that bad. Just need to stay healthy. Shepard flashed some swag and Cruz caught 4 balls including the winning score, looked really crafty on his routes, explosion could still be coming back. Was good to see him take a few hits and turn it on at games end. The secondary was nasty. Were not tested deep but Jenkins and DRC were legit nasty. Behre and Collins were lighting motherfuckers up. Cassilas played about as well as a Giants LB since prime time Michael Boley Specials looks solid besides ass fuck Bullock Last but not least!!!! THE DLINE WAS INSANE !!!! They were A++++++ from the anchor Snacks, too JPP dominating Free, to OV doing his job, and Hankins cleaning up, they dominated the run game. Pass rush will follow. Offense needs more time of possesion to keep those 4 DL fresh as possible, they are legitimate as fuck.
  10. I tend to agree with that, mostly .
  11. Lol good thread and also good post by Jim
  12. Jennings 124 yards on 21 carries 1 TD Odell 11 catches 176 yards 2 TDs Shepard 6 catches for 71 yards Cruz 4 catches 48 yards 1 TD Tye 9 catches for 118 yards Donell 3 catches 50 yards 1 TD Vareen 6 catches 48 yards Janitors Jenkins pick 6 DRC pick 6 OV 3 sacks JPP 3 sacks Cassillas 15 tackles, 1 INT and 1 sack plus one FF/FR
  13. Someone offered me TY Hilton for Josh Gordon and Black Unicorn. Joke of a trade offer right? I could take it, but I see big things like wr1 numbers for Gordon in a few weeks. Hilton is nice tho I could try to get his backup QB too think it's like Stanford or someone of that like
  14. Btw Latavius Murray is an excellent play this week in daily fantasy this week
  15. Nice yea I felt pressured to take Freeman You think I should sit Rawls and Yeldon this week and play Austin and Johnson Jr?
  16. It's a shame Jaquain never developed after his rookie year
  17. I agree he's no star but he will make some plays this year running behind this Dl I'mHopeful
  18. I think our best linebacker this year will be Jonathan Cassilas. I see a big year from him. Plus he's a two time super bowl champ from 2 teams, brings the speed and swag to the unit when protected by a DL led by Snacks allowing Cassilas to flourish since he's not the most physical player whatsoever without good DL help.
  19. I too am surprised Herzlich is still here lol I'm okay with it tho. Also Brinkley was nice looking but even less athletic then Herzlich. So it's okay, little odd tho. Agreed on Josh Johnson, good practice QB, 3 QBs aren't needed when you have an Eli, but it's not abnormal to have 3 QBs and also They could be grooming Johnson too possibly take the number 2 job from Nassib if not this year then next year, plus we needed to cut a Linebacker no matter what anyway. Plus Brinkley will likely stick as a FA if we really want him again.
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