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  1. This. Bring him back. He can kick. Chapman is a Yankee and we all love him. Double standards when your white and play in the NFL
  2. Raw talent, size, tools, toughness. He's got the traits..
  3. Great signing Marshall is just what we need assuming he's still got a quarter tank of gas left in him. All we need now is a TE, some OL help and another DT and we are set. The OL in very interesting what they will do with Flowers and the Fa market. That's the only way to address our OL is FA, the draft is for TE and defense this year imo.
  4. Probly but this years Fa DT class is loaded Hankins is young so he should get paid We can bring in a nice 3 tech Vet as a cheaper stop gap next to Snacks no problem Also tagging JPp was the proper decision as painful as it is to pay that money over 1 year
  5. I want either Howard or Njoku if they fall to 23 Cream of the crop in this amazing TE class
  6. Good to see him back 2 time super bowl champ with the NY football Giants and still does his job as well as ever. Nuff said.
  7. I like Murray but idk. I mean OAK OL was basically top 3 last year and he didn't impress that much.. not sure he has enough speed and burst either... I do like him tho but short term AP is probly a better fit for us
  8. Not gonna happen unless he comes here cheap
  9. It's a shame. The offense was pathetic. OL mediocre at best. The real issues were Cruz having zero threat on the outside opposite Obj, and lack of a TE to take advantage of the open seams. Desperately need another outside wr and a TE along with Ol help. Makes me think even tho shepard looks outstanding that Michael Thomas would have been a better fit and pick for us as a wr2
  10. Ayup. --- Also angers me Rainey was back there on KOs. Atleast use Harris.
  11. That Eli apple roughness penalty on the wentz slide was bad too Worst one sided officiated week in atleast a few weeks
  12. He definitely will, I was thinking the same thing actually. He's such a monster, makes losing Linval Joseph feel much much easier. Snacks is the anchor of all anchors. Reese really really did a great job on his spending spree this past offseason.
  13. Oh okay, understandable mistake then bro. He's been an ace gunner for sure. Honest mistake, my bad for coming accros as pompous
  14. Agreed. IMO snacks as well, maybe even drc arguably
  15. Whos a better gunner then him?! Lmao. Do you watch the games?
  16. Jarvis would be fine. I agree tho. Plus Jarvis will get huge money. I agree about the bigger guy outside would be perfect, but how about Desean Jim? I know he's a small guy but he's also not a slot receiver, he's an outside deep threat who would also fit this offense and stretch out the defense. Just a thought but what do you think? I think Jacksons skillset is unique and if the price is right I'd like him here opposite obj , Shep in the slot; plus add a TE and a bigger wr in the middle of the draft. I do agree on a bigger WR for sure, Marshall is interesting but Jackson is quite the thought. He can burn the fuck out of a DB if it's 1on1 deep. Can use draft picks or money on OL/TE
  17. Sign me up for Marshall on a cheap deal sounds good Jeffry could work as well I want Desean Jackson tho. Nice deep threat on the outside opposite OBj will help this offense , Shep in the slot, then draft a mid round taller WR hoping they can become a number 2
  18. Can't rely on him ever again. Gotta draft his replacement, he's made of glass IMO. Adams has been OK but next year I want a beast at FS to compete with Thompson alongside Collins
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