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Chris Snee won’t be rejoining Giants as new offensive line scout

Mr. P

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The Giants are in dire need of significant and widespread improvements to their offensive line. One of the best who ever played that position for them wanted to help.

In the end, though, Chris Snee will not return and work for the Giants.

“It’s not gonna work out,’’ Snee told The Post on Tuesday.

Snee starred for the Giants for a decade, protecting Eli Manning and blocking for Tiki Barber, Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw from his right guard spot. Snee is a member of the Giants Ring of Honor and a two-time Super Bowl winner. He has watched from the outside as the Giants’ offensive line woes played a huge role in the demise of the franchise.

Snee, 40, retired in 2013 and in 2017 was hired by his former coach Tom Coughlin — also Snee’s father-in-law — as an offensive line scout for the Jaguars. Snee wanted to see if he could craft a similar role with the Giants, and last Friday he spent several hours at the team facility with Joe Schoen, the new Giants’ general manager. Schoen did not know Snee, but was intrigued enough to give him time.

They ate lunch together and Snee watched film of college offensive line prospects for two hours. Snee then wrote reports of the offensive linemen he studied and gave them to Schoen.

“I thought it went well,’’ Snee said. “It was a great conversation, I left there thinking they wanted me in the building.’’

That was for a new position of offensive line scout.

“I could come in the office, I could watch film there, watch film at home, specifically for that position of need,’’ Snee said.

Schoen told Snee that specific role did not exist in Buffalo, where Schoen worked the past four years as the assistant general manager. Schoen, Snee said, was interested in creating that position and was eager to have Snee back in the building.

“He obviously knows the critical nature of that position here and how bad it’s been,’’ Snee said.

Snee thought he had a position nailed down, but he and Schoen could not agree on the time commitment aspect of the role. Schoen told Snee they could revisit this in a year.

“I’d love to help the Giants, I’ve been trying for years,’’ Snee said. “I want to help this team in so many ways. I played 10 years here, put a lot of heart and blood and sweat here. When they asked me to come in for an interview it was something I wanted to explore. In the end it’s just not going to work out for both sides.’’

Snee has not given up on getting hooked up with an NFL team to help evaluate offensive lineman and said he has a strong option he is pursuing. But, for now, it will not be with the only NFL team he ever played for.





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On the radio yesterday, so I do not know what the source of the information was, but they were saying Snee was looking for it to be a part time job with a good portion of it being from home, but the Giants wanted him to be more of a full time and on premises presence. 

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5 hours ago, Herc said:

I’m sure they’ll hire him next year after he ran to the media about not getting a job that he created 

This... and it seems too many (Giants brass) are locked into that have to be at the office bullshit to really work. :rolleyes:

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