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"We fought really hard today"


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Nobody cares how hard they fight when they lose especially after weeks of losing.  I agree with his assessment that the defense is fighting.  The offense is broken beyond belief and we watch it every single week.

Lets say hiring Jason Garrett was complete mistake created by ownership to bring their guy in and it has cost this team two years.  Joe Judge has to decide if he can trust Freddie Kitchens with the offense or bring in someone else.

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27 minutes ago, BlueInCanada said:

The only team in the NFL that stood up to the headset conspiracy. 

God bless Joey The Judge. 

And then solved the headset issue in one week after they revealed the depth of HeadsetGate!

Judge was working diligently all season to confront the headsets then miraculously resolved the issue just like that.

He even had the class not to brag about it too, or even mention it again...very humble hero who just wanted to do good. There's too many people out there who like to boast and toot their own horns, but not Judge...he just quietly fought the good fight and defeated the evil.

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