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Roster Cuts to 53


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22 minutes ago, BlueInCanada said:

Some OL hitting the market.

Lamp from the Bills.

Crosby from the Lions. 

Was gonna post about Crosby too; actually was going to suggest we trade for him last night.  I liked him coming out of college.  He's a nice, young player. 

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So far, the Giants have released

QB: B. Lewarke
RB. C. Clement
WR A. Bachman
WR A. Mack
WR D. Sills
WR. D. Willis
WR M. Cole
TE N. Griffin-Stewart
OL J. Harrison
OL K. Wiggins
OL J. Burton
OL B. Heggie
OL C. Slade
DL I. Odenigbo
DL N. Lalos 
DL. W. Henry
LB D. Downs
DB M. Harper

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3 minutes ago, mastershake said:

Wow so we're keeping two FBs.

I wonder is that because our TEs are banged up?

The writers who kept predicting it cited Gillaspia being great on specials and Penny showing he can carry the ball and lead block. 

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