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Giants v Browns


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4 minutes ago, Sephiroth said:

Thanks man. 

The FoxNow steaming site has a front-page ad for streaming the game... and it takes you to a banner saying "stream the game!"

They usually have a good list of streams. VPN highly recommended of course, lol.

Keenum is picking this vanilla second team D apart.


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Second team Oline looks to have some depth in it, Murphy, Burton, the center behind Gates all looked solid.

Booker looks like a faster, and a better blocker than Gallman. Penny might get more carries this year. 

Carter Coughlin is playing his way into a starting spot somewhere in the defense.

Love is all over the place in the secondary.

Glennon should be able to manage/win a game or two of Jones continues his injury streak. 

Ragland might not be the fastest LB in the world but he has great football knowledge always seems to be around the ball and know where the play is going. 

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Listening to the Browns feed you would think this team just won four SBs in a row.

"This team is becoming an example of how to win in the NFL"

"Only the highest of standards with the Browns, from top to bottom"

It's like mother fucker your team all up until 2019 was the red headed step child of the NFL shut the fuck up lol 

I mean it's good to see them going in the right direction after 50 years of bottom feeding but holy these commentators lol 

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