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This might help to explain why the Gman have been so unluckly in the Injury department the last decade.

Chuck Wagon

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I don't remember who the opponent was... I think maybe Green Bay... but there was one game two or three years ago where we were coming off a Monday Night game, the opponent was coming off a bye, and we had to travel to play them for a 1PM game.  It was such bullshit... the opponent literally got twice the rest and preparation and of course we got fucking crushed. 

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3 hours ago, Tempest said:

The factor that keeps popping up is high value market teams are at the bottom of that list except for two:  49ers & Cowboys.  There is rest and there is making an extra buck.

I didnt notice that...but you are right....

That sort of makes sense then...in the perverted chasing a buck ways of the NFL.

C. Wagon

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The only thing I would like to see is how this equates to wins/losses on the field.

From what I can tell teams with the most amount of rest between games are teams that are perpetually not contenders in the NFL, which means even with rest they still can't win games.

Teams in the middle of the pack or on the lower end of the time between games are the ones making the playoffs and winning games.

It makes sense the NFL wants to put the winning teams in the Thursday/Sunday night match ups meaning they'll get screwed by the schedule, and keep the shit teams on just a regular schedule.

Granted I agree they should try to strive for better parity across the league (as the article said there are some wide gaps that should be closed), but it doesn't seem like there is a correlation between time/rest between games and W/L record.

Interesting article though, wonder if it gains any traction among the owners/teams.

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