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Holy fuck Matt Peart


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Typical size, Nate Solder would be the biggest guy in the picture if he was there.  You can see from his frame he can bulk up another 20 pounds easily.  Now the article mentions the draft possibility of Rashawn Slater which I would not be against because it would be a fantastic competition for the starting RT position and we could always shift Slater to RG or he can win the RT spot and keep Peart as the swing tackle.

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On 12/4/2021 at 11:04 AM, BlueInCanada said:

I mean it's clear to see when Peart plays.

He's an alright pass blocker but when it comes to the run game he just can't move people at all.

For a guy his size there's some serious issue to his game if he can't move a edge defender. 

He doesn't really move anybody, but they don't seem to get off his block either, so I don't know. I thought he won the RT spot with the way he played in relief of Thomas, so wtf do I know.


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