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The New York Packers


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3 minutes ago, Storm said:

Taking a page out of Hugh’s book but I’m not a huge fan of three caucasians and a Latino covering running backs out of the backfield.

Latino?    His first name is Blake, that shit wipes out any Latino blood in his body. 

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28 minutes ago, BlueInCanada said:

We are supposedly no longer on the Clowney boat.

He wants 25+ million a year.

Would have been funny though if between Williams, Fackrell, and Clowney, if Getty invested $48 million in a total of 5 sacks among 3 alleged pass rushers, lol.

Right now, he's at +$22mm for two guys who produced 1.5 sacks. If that's not incompetence, I don't know what is.

But Markus Golden went from a few sacks to 10 with the giants, I can hear some of you saying. That's only because he was oft injured and only a part time player the past two years before joining the giants last year. His full time starter production is 10 sacks last year, and 12 sacks three years ago.

I highly doubt Fackrell pulls in more than 6 sacks for a full time starter.


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1 hour ago, Sephiroth said:

With this draft light on pass rushers, I think we may have to face the reality that last year's pass rush might be this year's pass rush. 

And Fackrell will magically get back to 10 sacks, a season after having Preston Smith and Zadarious Smith on your team, and only producing one.

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