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That 2014 Draft


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I was skimming over how the former Detroit Lions GM regrets not drafting Aaron Donald.  Giants drafted Odell Beckham Jr. and Aaron Donald was drafted next.  I have to say that I'm still happy the Giants did draft Odell Beckham Jr even though it didn't work out the way any of us expected.


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I forgot that Donald wasn't a top 10 pick.

I agree though DT wasn't a need then for the Giants and WR was a big priority with Cruz coming off missing a few games and Randle being the only WR with any talent on the team they had to address the position.

The draft is always 20/20 the player you drafted in round one in 10 years is outplayed by a guy you could if picked in round 5.

I mean it's the reason some people say the Giants should of drafted Nelson and grabbed Chubb instead of Barkley and Hernandez only after they've seen what the players could do 




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