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Wait, wait..wait. Just hear me out.


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What if the Giants draft Kyle Shurmur out Vanderbilt? The kid does look good. Maybe a bench him for a year or 2...



Vanderbilt University school career records:[10]

  • Touchdown passes: 64
  • Passing yards: 8,865
  • Pass completions: 722
  • Pass attempts: 1,264






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So weird that you posted this. I was gonna post that we could go back to the Coughlin/Chris Snee-style, "all in the family" glory days!

I know... you and I have agreed 100% on daft picks and on the directions the team should go. I swear, if you wasnt a Socialist, I would consider you a brother from another mother.

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We already have a QB who can ride the bench and might be a starter later...


I would like to find out what are we playing for in 2019.


Are we giving Eli Manning his farewell tour since he is retiring at the end of the season and we are trying to win games?


Are we going to draft a QB this year without giving Lauletta a chance or give Lauletta that chance so we need a QB in the 2020 draft and we are in excellent position to get one.

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