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The media before the release of Webb;


Gettleman is GM who is gonna build this team in a no nonsense way, he's had proven success and he's going to get rid of the failing of the last regime, just look at all the great moves he's made so far in turning this team around.


Shurmur is a QB guru who is gonna revive Eli's career and bring a balanced attack to NY with the new addition in Barkley, he's already won over the locker room and the fans with his coaching.



After the release;


Gettleman is a cancer ridden old hack GM who has gone senile from the chemo treatments. He doesnt know what the fuck he is going on since he released a backup QB with as much experience starting as the rest of the backup QBs.


Shurmur is to much of a coward to stand up to Gettleman and tell him who the real franchise QB on the team was and now that he is gone the Giants are doomed to 5 years of mediocrity on Eli's noddle arm.


First real taste of the media for those two, can't wait to see what's next.

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