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Zeke Elliot gets 6 games suspension


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The NFL report says there was 'media' and thousands of text messages that they went through so the six might stick.

If that's the case, then the appeal may not happen. If appealed, the evidence may be leaked, and Elliott may find more legal issues.

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well if that isn't an extremely one-sided perspective.... so its an inexcusable competitive disadvantage for the Cowboys to get Elliot's suspension upheld mid-week, after practicing with the team, but its not a competitive disadvantage for the Giants to have Elliot reinstated mid-week, after they scouted and prepared for a game without Elliot? Methinks I'm reading the wishcasting of a fan.... Cowboys drafted that guy, they deserve any competitive disadvantage that comes with him.

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After all, it is true that a players actions off the field CAN affect the team. Eliminating that connection will only increase the number of off-field issues. If a player can't hurt his team and is only hurting himself, then it creates a 'hey, why not?' attitude towards activities the player may not otherwise take part in.


In all honesty, without some level of evidence or some sort of conviction, I can't see how the league can justify 6 games. I think it's a risky game Elliott is playing here too. It's like Elliott is calling the league's bluff...eventually, if Elliott pushes far enough, the league will have to show its hand. And if the league has the nuts at that point, Elliott is going to be far worse off. If the league has nothing on which to base their suspension, then the league will have failed again in its handling of discipline.

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