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This is just weird...


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Report: Redskins make decision on Josh Norman, Odell Beckham Jr.


According to a report, the Washington Redskins have set their plans for how they will use cornerback Josh Norman on Sunday when they face the New York Giants.


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A source told ESPN’s Britt McHenry that the Redskins will send Norman "anywhere [Odell Beckham Jr.] goes ... except for slot," the source said.



This is a change from seven of the previous eight quarters of football that the Redskins have played, when they left Bashaud Breeland and Josh Norman on the right and left regardless of the matchup.


That changed in the fourth quarter on Sunday against the Cowboys, when Norman began shadowing Dez Bryant.


While the news that Norman will travel with Beckham is somewhat surprising, the rationale in McHenry’s report is staggering.


It's a decision the coaching staff had wanted to make sooner, but the staff didn't want to upset Bashaud Breeland. The corner wasn't happy with the decision to assign Norman to the No. 1 receiver the last two weeks, so they backed off.


However, the staff now has decided to stick with their original game plan of Norman always shadowing the top wideout. The source added: "We're going to let him earn the 75 million."


Didn’t want to upset Breeland?


Accurate or not, that might be one of the crazier reports you’ll read this week.

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I don't really care if Norman shadows Beckham. OBJ has beaten him before. I think as long as OBJ keeps his head and the Redskins avoid cheap-shotting OBJ, I'll be happy with the results.


I wonder too, if in the first 2 weeks here, we're limiting OBJ's role a little bit - one, to get Shepard and Cruz involved given rookie status and coming off injury status but two, to really unleash him on the Redskins.


I was glad to hear Eli pipe up this week, in the media even, telling OBJ to just play football. Hopefully, OBJ does just that.

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This is wthe match-up I'm looking forward to:


Sterling Shepard vs. Dashaun Phillips

Shepard has the key matchup for the Giants on offense this week. He has been used strictly in the slot until now and this is where he will matchup against Phillips. The former 2014 undrafted free agent is the Redskins' slot cornerback, but we can't figure out why. He's been burned consistently throughout the first two weeks. He didn't contain Eli Rogers of the Steelers in Week 1, so don't expect him to shut down a more talented player like Shepard.

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Considering that I heard that the Skins defensive coordinator doesn't want to move his CBs around because he gets the players confused as to who is playing where, I'm really not surprised that he also didn't want to upset Breeland, lol.

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'except for slot'? - good to know!


As if Beckham isn't the best slot receiver in the league, at least this side of Antonio Brown.


Something tells me this is just a smoke screen. Either that or the Redskins organization has gone full retard. And you never, ever go full retard.

That's what I was thinking too. Gruden is kind of a dolt though so I bet it's true

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