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Thoughts on king


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Do you think he will make the cut ? He has looked impressive these past two weeks. He reminded me of a younger Victor Cruz. King should get a lot of playing time tonight unless they have already made up their mind on him. He may push Davis off of the team.

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I believe Davis makes it either way. I think the last WR Spot is between King and Lewis and after Lewis' last game I believe King has the edge.

Davis’ departure leaves both Tavarres King and Roger Lewis Jr. on the current roster. King and Lewis combined for 12 catches and four touchdowns in the preseason.


“Roger and T.K. are two guys that really took a big jump,” McAdoo said. “They hit the ground running in the offseason, made tremendous strides and got better and improved. They pushed each other along with the rest of that group. There was great competition in that group.


“Geremy was a guy we drafted here that we think very highly of. Sometimes, you have to make those tough decisions.” - Ben McAdoo


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Well if you combine the skills of all 8,you get one NFL caliber linebacker.

So if you throw a whole hand full of Spaghetti against the wall you will have better odds that 1 will stick. Do we do a Handful each year just to get a good LBer corps?

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