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Vegas took a bath yesterday, and that game helped them a bit because most of the money was going Cowboys. For the theory to work, the refs would've needed to help the Giants cover. The Giants did cover, so the books recovered some of their losses from yesterday.

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Watch the Seahawks/49ers championship game from two years ago and tell me that shit wasn't fixed.


I could give a fuck about those two teams and used to laugh at people that said the refs threw games but honestlly? After watching that game, there's no way to think the refs DIDN'T throw the game.

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All you have to do is go back to that Phantom Call that was never shown on replay not once...that play where a Giants interception in the Super Bowl was called back by a phantom hold by Hamilton on the Ravens running back. A call that I have never seen in the entirety of my life watching football at all levels...professional football for 46 years... much less a bullshit call in the Super Bowl. Remember the whole mindset was that the owner of the Ravens (formerly Browns) had never won a Super Bowl... without that call Giants have a fighting chance. Dilfer was good for a pick six every other game. The Giants knew this and Fox had primed his guys to look for it... Hock You Fuck the Referee had to have gotten some large. The Giants knew Hock You Fuck had a reputation for biased calls against them... Funny he is not in the NFL anymore? They ditched him a year or two afterward... :P

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